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DSE has been officially in business since 1998 as part of Epicurean Records out of LA and Winetime Productions. Its first Project landed on the Billboard Music charts. Direct Supply production was then part of Winetime Ent,. Direct Supply was involved in the project as well as the infamous video and streaming from this Direct Supply was born.

                                             "We offer a host of services within the 3 division at DSE"

1. Direct supply productions/records offer studio time, music production, mixing, mastering, songwriting, jingles, slogans, movie score, production coordinator, commercial ads and more.

2. Direct supply video and film offers video and film production, commercial production, movie srcrips, editing services and more.

3. Direct Supply Management and consultant servises re: artist support, grooming, business management, distribution marketing, promotions and more.

We offer these services to the independent, national artist and labels that need local, regional, national or tailored area support. We offer this to corporation, small or lartge businesses regarding your company events and or your company marketing and promotions.

​* Price packages vary and structured on a project by project basis.


Direct Supply INfo

Additional comments or  questions, Please email us @ or 206-371-8841

                                                              Anthony  "Tonyo" Summers  

                                                                               Dependable Strength     


Worked as a performer, producer, songwriter,dancer, choreographer for

the #1 premiere production company in the NW at the time known as

Winetime Productions. Tonyo help deliver and shape the style of the team

which included Kevin Gardner and Mr. Robert Redwine (The Visionary) by

bringing a different type of energy which the NW had not had before.

One of the best performers ever the Winetime family had performed with some greats like E-40, Troop, Tony, Toni, Tone and Sir Mix a Lot to legends like Parliament Funkadelics, Roger Troutmen and Zapp and town favorite Leon Hendrix brothe of the Legendary Jimi Hendrix. 

Winetime set Tonyo up in the game as we became one of the top production houses and live funk and Hip Hop bands around. Producers of Gold and Platinum artist like E-40, The Clicke, Celly Cel, B-ligit, Rodney o and Joe Cooley to Club Nouveau, Mac Mall a more. The Winetime Family was rolling strong.


As Tonyo the Artist developed in 1997, a deal was structured with a label out of LA called Epicurean Records in 1998. Epicurean Records released a Tonyo single called PHD (Playa Hata Degree) where did you get yours. ESPN jumps on board by often saying the song catch praze  in there comentary "Where did you get your phd... playa hata degree. The song is released in 1999 hits billboard charts peaking at # 15. The video reached the top charts in several areas throughout the US.

The owner of the label Demitri Cameron became very ill and passed away in 199. The song continues and has a life of its own. In January of 2000 issue of Billboard Magazine naming PHD the 44th most popular song of the year.

During this time Tonyo is performing all over the west coast with the likes of E-40, Kc-Jojo, B-ligit, Mix a Lot, Jt Money and more. Tonyo and Winetime also appear on several soundtracks such as road dog, sensless, aftersex and dangerous ground. The HBO special series "Arliss" picks a Tonyo which feat. Tupacs group Thug Life/Outlaws. Tonyo continues to grow in all facets of the business of music.


With a growing recording studio,video and film Summers starts Direct Supply Entertainment and Direct Supply Records. Tonyo take on Key Element and Kevin Gardner. In 2008 Tonyo secures distribution with Leo Roger/catalog lic, Bungalo and Universal. They then place song on top Urban Network compilation with Artist like Mya, Lil Wayne, Swiss Beats, Carl Thomas and more while working on a videos and a movie project with Kala Films. During this period Tonyo has booked events for his artist which has performed with the likes of Too Short, Fat Joe, Raz B of B2K, Rocker Mickey Avelon, Peety Pablo, Skeelo and more. Tonyo has  hosted parties, promoted concerts and a radio personalty for popular radio show with Music Inner City. Summers and Direct Supply Entertainment is currently working with Skeelo Music, Whateva OKay and distributed by RED and Sony Music Group. We have released a classic holiday album with DSE artist TABI, NIVEL, Direct Supply and Kevin Gardner to start things off and in the future plans on releasing multiple singles, albums and videos.